Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Independence

Barbados will be celebrating its 50th anniversary of independence on November 30, 2016. This is a significant turning point in the nation’s development and Government has embarked on a yearlong calendar of events and activities to mark the occasion.

The launch of these events started with a cultural show in Independence Square, Bridgetown, the country’s capital on Wednesday January 6. The official event appropriately themed "Barbados We Come From" was an extravaganza of Barbadian talent and cultural expression. The evening commenced with a parade on land and by sea, and culminated at Independence Square with a multimedia concert.

Government’s diplomatic missions overseas have also been invited to host and/or plan a number of events to commemorate the rich heritage Barbadians have cultivated for a half century.

Our Journey
Much of the success of Barbados’ journey has been achieved on the basis of a national consensus on our country’s goals, values and priorities. It is this underlying consensus which has served as the defining theme and explanatory principle by which our political stability, social cohesion and quality of life may be understood. This national consensus has also provided us with a measure of resilience to overcome the difficult periods, obstacles and challenges which have periodically emerged along the way.

Celebration Secretariat
The National Secretariat responsible for coordinating activities to celebrate Barbados’ 50th anniversary of Independence is headed by Permanent Secretary (ag.), Gabrielle Springer. The overall national coordinator is Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator the Hon Maxine McClean.

The secretariat is located on the first floor of the Old Town Hall Building, Bridgetown.

Telephone: 430-0045 or 430-0048
Fax: 430-0049

Visit the official website of the National Independence Secretariat to receive updates of upcoming signature events being undertaken by government. One of the special features of the website is its coverage of videos, photos and other graphics recounting the various 50th anniversary activities. The Secretariat is especially keen to have Barbadians at home and across the diaspora post their national pledges via the Barbados50 Facebook and Twitter pages. These may be accessed on the official website.