Ambassador Selwin Hart signs Protocol to amend Double Taxation Agreement between Barbados and Mauritius

Washington DC, December 6, 2017

 On December 6, 2017 in Washington D.C., Barbados and Mauritius signed a Protocol amending the Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) between the two countries.  His Excellency Mr. Selwin Hart, Ambassador of Barbados to the United States and His Excellency Mr. Sooroojdev Phokeer, Ambassador of Mauritius to the United States signed on behalf of their respective countries.

The Protocol amends the DTA that was signed in 2004 and came into force in 2005. The amendment provides for the exchange of information on taxation between the two countries.

On signing the Protocol, Ambassador Hart noted the commitment of the Government of Barbados to meet international standards of transparency and on effective exchange of information on taxation, especially with all of its treaty partners.  He further stated that "Barbados and Mauritius are sending a clear message to the international community that our Governments remain committed to making the necessary changes to our existing frameworks to ensure that we stay abreast of new and emerging  developments in areas of transparency and tax information exchange and compliance ".

It is expected that the Protocol, once ratified, will add value to an already well established reciprocal and mutually beneficial framework in matters of international taxation between Barbados and Mauritius.

The economies of Barbados and Mauritius share some similarities as they are both based on tourism and international financial services.  Barbados and Mauritius established diplomatic relations on December 14, 1974 and enjoy very cordial relations.