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About Barbados
 Table of Precedence For Barbados
 Public Holidays in Barbados
 The Flag of Barbados
 The National Pledge
 The National Flower
 The Barbados Coat of Arms
 National Anthem of Barbados
 Useful Information
About the Ministry
 Barbados Network Programme - Formerly called FURN
 Personal Profiles
 Permanent Secretary, Foreign Trade
 Permanent Secretary, Foreign Affairs
 The Minister
 Profile of Mr . Mr Colin S. Mayers Consul-General at Miami
 Profile of H.E. Mr. John E. Beale Ambassador to the USA
 Honorary Consuls
 Dominican Republic
 Nigeria (Lagos)
 St Lucia
 United States of America
 New Zealand
 Hong Kong
 French Guiana
 Federal Republic of Germany
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 Cayman Islands
 Antigua and Barbuda
 At Home
 Foreign Affairs Division
 Office of Protocol
 Public Affairs Section
 International Relations Section
 Consular Section
 Administration Section
 Mission & Mandate
Foreign Policy
 Regions & Countries
 Barbados & the Middle East
 Barbados & Africa
 Barbados & Asia/Pacific
 Barbados & Europe
 Barbados & North America
 Barbados & Latin America
 Barbados & the Caribbean
 Policy Defined
 Political Ideals
 Economic Principles
 Social Values
 National Character
 Physical Features
Foreign Representatives
 Foreign Missions in Barbados
 Honorary Consular Representatives in Barbados
 Diplomatic Missions Accredited to Barbados
 International and Regional Organisations in Barbados
Foreign Trade Policy
 Trade Analysis
 Trade Negotiations
 CARICOM Bilaterals
 CARICOM/Costa Rica
 CARICOM/Dominican Republic
 Why a CSME?
 The Single Economy
 The Single Market
 Implementing the CSME
 Barbados & the CSME
 Development Issues
 Guidelines and Directives
 Barbados and the FTAA
 REPA Negotiations
 Review of Cotonou
 Barbados and the EU
 The Sixth WTO Ministerial Conference
 The July Framework Decision
 Doha Negotiations
 Barbados and the WTO
 Proposals sponsored by Barbados within the WTO
 Barbados' Trade Policy Review documents
 Upcoming Trade-Related Events
 Investing in Barbados/Providing a Service
 Useful Links for Barbadian Exporters
Travel Advice
 Visitors to Barbados
 Health Requirements
 Driving Permit
 Import Permit Information
 Visa Information
 Travel Document
 Travelling Abroad
 Import Permits
 Financial Assistance
 Dual Citizenship
 Duty Free Allowances
 Barbados' Missions and Consulates Abroad
 Treaties List
 Financial Services
 Drug Trafficking
 Human Rights
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