Four Easy Steps to Take!

Persons considering returning to Barbados should take the following steps:

  1. Immediately consult our website ( and click on “Barbados Networker” for full information on the Networkers programme.
  2. Contact the nearest Barbados Consulate/Embassy, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Consular Division), for any further clarifications as needed.
  3. Four (4) weeks prior their return to Barbados, submit to the nearest Barbados Mission, or to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (email, fax or telephone), their name, passport number, date of birth, estimated date of arrival in Barbados and a contact phone number in Barbados.
  4. Await a telephone call (after arrival in Barbados) from personnel from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a date for an interview.


Documents Required at the Interview:

  1. One of the following as proof of citizenship: valid Barbados passport; Barbados I D Card; or Certificate of Citizenship or Barbados birth certificate accompanied by a photo I D card.
  2. One (1) of the following documents as proof of residence overseas for the last 10 years: a signed job letter covering the last 10 years; a signed affidavit from a Justice of Peace/Attorney-at-Law (following the specimen copy in the booklet; successive income tax returns for the last 10 years.
  3. All documents relating to the vehicle (such as proof of payment, proof of ownership and specifications of the vehicle - model, year, chassis/VIN number, engine number and colour).
  4. If the interview process is successful the networker will be immediately provided with a letter informing the Comptroller of Customs that they are eligible for the requisite benefits under the Networkers Programme.

Returning Nationals 2007


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Foreign passports, even with Barbados indicated as place of birth are NOT accepted as citizenship. A Barbados passport; or a birth certificate AND Barbados Identification card; or certificate of citizenship AND by a photo identification card are accepted.
  • Persons who have applied for Barbadian citizenship and have received the relevant initial response from Immigration indicating that they have made such an application will qualify as networkers, even if they have not been granted citizenship as yet and even though they would not have been a Barbadian citizens for 10 years.
  • Networkers are only allowed one (1) vehicle per household
  • Networkers who are planning to import their tools/equipment of their trade or profession should submit that list to the Comptroller of Customs for approval prior to their return to Barbados.
  • Networkers are allowed to contact a local (Barbados) garage/car dealer to assist them in the ordering of a preferred type vehicle from any car dealer overseas. However payment for the vehicle is to be made to the overseas dealer using funds from overseas.

Returning Nationals 2007