Barbados has deep historical and cultural links with Africa. While its formal institutions were inherited from Europe, the fundamental cultural forces that have moulded Barbadian society and the lives of Barbadians derive from Africa.  Forms of artistic expression and play, language, worldview, all have been profoundly shaped by Barbados' African heritage.

Many African countries are currently experiencing strong economic growth and enjoying democratic freedoms and an improved standard of living.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Barbados is committed to building on its Commonwealth and ACP links with African countries to forge stronger bilateral as well as multilateral ties.

Barbados can, as in the past, offer to help with the organisation of elections and parliamentary practices, and can send professionals such as teachers and nurses where they are needed. In addition, there is a huge untapped market in Africa for Barbadian music, and prospects for tourism and financial services are encouraging.  Moreover, Barbados is well situated to be a gateway for African investment into the Hemisphere, and the Ministry will continue to explore further opportunities for collaboration with key countries on the African continent.