How can I immigrate to Barbados?

The Immigration Act of Barbados makes provision for persons who can prove that they can successfully maintain themselves and their dependents in Barbados, to be granted the status of immigrant in the first instance, and upon application five years thereafter to be granted the status of permanent resident. This section of the Act applies to financially self-sufficient individuals wishing to reside in Barbados in retirement and entrepreneurs wishing to invest in a business venture in Barbados which would benefit the economy of the country and provide employment for Barbadian nationals.

Applications for immigrant status should be completed in duplicate and together with the appropriate medical form forwarded directly to:

The Chief Immigration Officer,
Immigration Department,
The Wharf,

A non-refundable fee of US$100.00 in the form of a money order payable to the Chief Immigration Officer should accompany the application. A further fee of US$400.00 is payable when the application is approved.