Goal Four: Embracing and Protecting Barbadians Overseas

Between 2000 and 2013, thousands of Barbadians travelled overseas and many lived across the globe - the majority of them in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.  This large Barbadian community constituted a source of great opportunities for Barbados’ development through remittances, investments, expertise and the purchasing of goods and services.  Moreover, this diaspora could be utilised to articulate and promote the interest of Barbados abroad.  It could also have contributed to the marketing of Barbados globally and the maintenance of its positive image.

One of the key issues in connection with this goal was the means of mobilising the diaspora to assist in the advancement of Barbados’ economic, social and cultural development. The launch in 2010 of Barbados’ biennial diaspora conference, the Barbados Network Consultation (BNC), and the convening of the second BNC in 2012 were important to the elaboration of Barbados’ foreign policy objectives in this area.