Barbados Network Programme

(Stage 1) Applications

  • Applications should be submitted four (4) weeks before Networker’s arrival to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or via hard copy.Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Application should contain

Passport (s) number(s)

Expected date of delivery of shipment

Estimated date of Networker’s arrival

Contact phone number in Barbados

  • Information is used to request a travel history from the Immigration Department. (This is to ensure that applicants have not spent more than six months (183 days) in Barbados in any given year in the ten year period prior to resettling).
  • Email sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.'. It should be copied to all S/FSOs.
  • E.g. (If the current year is 2013, travel history requests should be requested from 2002-2013 etc.)
  • When travel history request is made, the application is marked with an R (red ink) and the date the request was sent in the top right hand corner
  • Travel History requests should be printed and placed in the Travel History requests folder along with any correspondence such as emails, letters etc.
  • On receipt of the travel history information, it should be checked to see if the Barbados Networker has spent more than 183 days in Barbados in any of the 10 years prior to their return
  • It should be marked accordingly, printed and stapled to the application.
  • If Barbados Networker is not eligible, they should be informed. Ineligible requests should be kept in the applications folder.

(Stage 2) Interview

  • The Barbados Networker is called for an appointment to be interviewed. They are required to present relevant documents (passport, citizen certificate, income tax returns/avidavit/job letter etc.)
  • The applicants should be interviewed and the database form/s should be filled out and given to the Typist. The database of returnees is checked to ensure that the applicant is not applied previously.
  • These documents are photocopied and placed in a folder. The typist prepares the letters for the applicant to clear their personal effects and/or vehicles from the Port.
  • Documents should be given to the Clerical Officer to copy and to create to a new file only if applicants have imported a vehicle. Documents of persons with personal effects only will be placed on the Personal Effects file.
  • Applicants are required to submit to Ministry the Customs Document, the road tax and insurance certificate five days after clearing their vehicles.
  • If they do not, they are to be sent a reminder letter.
  • After applicants receive their letters at the interview, a letter should be sent to Chief Licensing Officer advising that the Crown has an interest in the vehicle for five years.

Barbados Network-Renewals

  • Each year Barbados Networkers who imported a vehicle must renew their status by submitting the road tax, insurance certificate and passport
  • Travel History requests should be made to immigration with the bio data information. This is to ensure that applicants have not spent more than six months (183 days) outside of Barbados in the previous year. (Their year begins the day that they are granted concessions. If they were granted status in September 2012 their renewal date is September 2013, travel history request should be for 2012-2013.)
  • If they have not, they are issued with a renewal letter each year for five years.
  • A B.U. Note for the following year is placed of file to the attention of the Clerical Office
  • In the fifth year, after their travel history returns and it is approved they are issued with the final letter stating that the crown no longer has an interest in the vehicle.
  • When final letter is issued, a note is placed on file to Clerical Officer stating that the file should be closed.
  • If Barbados Networkers do not renew their status or fail to submit documents after renewing their status, they are sent letters indicating that they are in breach.
  • If they fail to respond to these letters, Customs is notified