Explanation: Some countries require Barbadians travelling to those countries to first obtain a visa. Likewise Barbados requires nationals of some countries to first obtain a visa.

Visa requests for Barbadians travelling abroad on official (Government) business

  • Check the pdf Visa List (496 KB) to see if/and from where the visa has to be requested
  • Executive Officer to send a Savingram to the Barbados Mission responsible for processing the visa along with the official’s passport and other documentation such as the invitation letter, visa application form and itinerary, etc.
  • Take documents to Diplomatic mail (Cypher Office) to be sent via Federal Express or DHL or Diplomatic Bag.

(If it is not urgent it is sent in the Diplomatic Bag)

  • If there is no Barbados Mission in the area, a Diplomatic Note along with Passport and supporting documentation should be sent to the requisite Embassy or High Commission.
  • On return of the passport, persons are notified that their passports are ready to be collected.
  • Visas are issued gratis to persons with diplomatic and official passports.


Visa requests for officials visiting Barbados

  • Persons send a copy of the bio data page with the application form (J-form)
  • This information is sent to the Barbados Immigration Department via Memorandum
  • Immigration sends back visa approval to Ministry
  • Responds to the Mission or International Organisation or officials via Diplomatic Note or Letter respectively
  • Copy of Immigration approval is placed on file
  • Visiting official receives the visa on arrival at airport in Barbados